Coriander V. Pines


Résumé available by request.

Coriander Pines is an artist and technologist who has worked in aerospace, education, game development, and robotics.

They excel at developing unusual and innovative solutions to complex problems using experiences from many domains, and especially enjoy finding new and unexpected applications of materials and techniques. Coriander is able to adeptly bridge the gap between small scale elements and large scale architecture, understanding how each component affects the whole.

Coriander’s artistic work primarily focuses on feedback loops and the generation of complex emergent behaviors from simple systems. They explore this space using creative applications of linguistics, sound design, cinematography, electrical engineering, computer graphics, and mathematical modelling.

Coriander is knowledgeable in a wide array of software development platforms, including Unity, Python, and Processing. In addition, they have professional experience with product fabrication, electrical engineering, and embedded development.