Coriander V. Pines


Hello, I’m Coriander, and I am a creative software engineer and design strategist who can turn your ideas and concepts into fully realized products and experiences. I’ve worked as a game developer, aerospace engineer, product designer, artist, and educator.

I also started an audio software company, Slime Child Audio, that supports musicians, sound designers, and aspiring plugin creators.

I am skilled in prototyping, research, and brainstorming, and love to explore new ideas and possibilities. Using my background in art, technology, and math, I apply a unique interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving. I am adept at connecting big-picture designs to concrete details, which allows me to understand all aspects of a creative project.

Using my experience in developing new products and services, I provide strategic thinking and practical solutions to help overcome seemingly-impossible problems, craft seamless user experiences, and apply a high degree of polish.

Whether we work together as you start to formulate ideas, refine your prototype, or launch a final product, I can guide you through the details and help you anticipate risks and challenges. I specialize in long-term planning and risk mitigation to overcome potential roadblocks throughout all phases of a project’s life cycle.

I believe that effective communication is critical to this process, and am a skilled technical writer who can clearly convey information in a way that’s accessible to both laypeople and experts.

Here are some examples of projects that I can help you with:

  • Creating a digital adaptation of a card game
  • Designing a suite of music synthesizer plugins based on physical hardware
  • Building interactive and educational museum exhibits
  • Crafting inviting and engaging websites
  • Prototyping software and hardware for consumer electronics


Creating a new product can be as difficult as it is exciting. If you’re interested in learning more about how I can make the process easier, reach out to me below. (Résumé available by request.)